From Jumbled Mess To A marketING Success

Develop a brand strategy, create eye-catching visuals, and effectively market your business.




you are building something that really matters but…

A lack of clarity is costing you.

You’ve spent precious time and money getting to where you are now. You have big dreams and want to make an impact, but you’re feeling a bit stuck.

Do you:

Think your logo/website doesn’t represent your business?

Feel as if you are drowning in a sea of competition?

Find yourself at a loss for words when marketing?

Feel overwhelmed creating social media content?

Feel unsure about the next steps to take?

Don’t waste any more time being stuck and don’t dive into “random acts of marketing” before you have a strategy that is crystal clear. Bring in a strategist-expert-designer (me!) to help you take your small business from a jumbled mess to marketing success story.

Well Hello,

My name is Sarah and I’m super excited you are here. You being here means you’re ready to take the steps needed to get your business noticed and to stand out from the crowd. That’s awesome! It doesn’t matter if your business is just starting up or ready for a rebrand, I’m here to help!

Feeling overwhelmed & Unsure? 

You’re a busy business owner, and you don’t have time to breathe, let alone budget in time to get clear on how to market your business effectively. You’ve probably been winging it for much of the time, crossing your fingers, hoping you are making the right decisions.

I get it. I’ve been there too! 

But here’s the good news – you don’t have to stay stuck in the jumbled mess anymore. With me at your side, we will identify what sets your business apart and develop a branding strategy that accurately reflects your business’s core values, create eye-catching visuals, and market your business in the most effective way possible.

So take a deep breath because, with me on board, everything will be sorted out before you know it. No more feeling overwhelmed or missing out on potential growth opportunities.

Let me help you elevate your brand and turn your business into a marketing success story!

Develop A Strategy

We'll define your brand core, understand your customers, analyze your competition and show you how to express your personality. 

Design your visuals

We'll devise a plan for customer touchpoints and design everything you need to provide cohesive experiences across your entire brand.

MARKET your brand

We’ll develop a clear and compelling brand message that, together with captivating visuals, will connect with your audience through digital channels. 

Nothing makes Me happier than seeing MY clients reach their goals

I have been using Sarah’s expertise for several years, she is a delight!, professional, and artistic.

Debra Carpenter

I couldn’t be happier with the service and the help I’ve received. Recommend absolutely. Sarah is kinda wonderful. I totally recommend and refer folks to Sarah.

Martha Worsley

Blown away by the knowledge and expertise! It is apparent this team knows how to brand your business and help you grow! The best part is they make it so easy. As a business owner, it’s hard to stay up to date on all the new rules and developments – so lucky to have found this resource!
Jennifer O’Neal

Sarah was incredibly attentive to my style and requests. She took the time to comb through colors, fonts, down to the tiniest details that I was looking for. It shows in the end result! I am absolutely in LOVE with my logo and the beautiful, hand-drawn character she created. KindaWonderful is not a quick logo company, like many others out there. It is a custom piece of art, a total brand experience, and I will use this logo for the long-term. I don’t think I could sing Sarah’s praises any louder.

Megan Richie

Sarah is outstanding and her contagious personality matches her exceptional talent as a photographer and designer. Her photography, editing, and staging expertise are meticulous, thoughtful, and in the end, exceptional products I am so proud of and happy to show to the world. You know her talent is highly intuitive when after one conversation, she nailed the vision I had for my new logo! Thank you so much! I’m coming back to you for more.
Dr. Valencia Dunbar

Sarah really is kinda wonderful! She has this innate ability to understand branding and all of the little pieces that go into making an idea a “brand.” She is easy to work with and is great for brainstorming sessions. I look forward to working with her more as my brand develops.
Kayla Taylor

I have known Sarah and had a professional relationship with her for more than 8 years. Sarah is a 1st Class Graphic Designer and Photographer. Sarah understands immediately what we are attempting to achieve and has very professional hands-on ability to direct ideas to products. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Sarah and she will always be my first port of call for anything graphic related.

Steve Sadler

I have worked with Sarah for many years now and can’t begin to express how much I value her mentorship as a branding consultant. Amazing work ethic. Gifted professional giving sage advice for people like me hoping to take their business to the next level.
Deborah Ouellette

I know and worked with Sarah Justice for the past six years. Sarah is very talented and proficient in her field of graphic design and her abilities in Photoshop are beyond the expert level, and now in her photography, she done some amazing work. I have seen her work on a regular basis and I highly recommend and endorse her for any consideration in the near future.
Mark Al-Amad

Sarah is extremely creative and was able to transform my words into an incredible logo that captured exactly the branding I wanted but had no clue how to make. She is knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with. She is responsive to feedback, passionate about what she does, and clearly wants to help small businesses anyway she can.

Kimberlyann Marsden

Sarah was really patient with my changes and captured my vision perfectly. The process was easy with each of her steps geared towards living out my brand on my logo. Now I have all the colors, styles, and different formats to brand everything with my logo.
Gina Graham

Sarah isn’t just kinda wonderful, she’s awesome! I worked with her on my branding message and she was so great to work with. She was very knowledgeable and really helped me dig in to clarify my branding message. I highly recommend her!

Kimberly Tank

Sarah is incredibly talented and truly understands branding. Not just logos, colors, and a tagline, but the whole concept of branding and how we present our businesses to our potential customers. I am so grateful for Sarah and the guidance she is giving me and my business!

Lori Osborne

Getting started is easy

Schedule a Call

First, we talk. Once we help you identify your brand needs, goals and desires, I’ll recommend an action plan that will equip you to achieve those goals.

We Work together

We work with you to create a clear and compelling message for your company, build your brand, and create the design materials that connects your plan with your clients and business goals.

Grow Your Business

When your brand strategy, messaging and design materials begin to work for you, your sales increase, customers succeed, and business thrives. You enjoy success!

To the entrepreneur or the small business owner, you start every day with the promise of new opportunities and adventures that lead you to build something that matters. There will be struggles, but your courage to persevere is what inspires me! – Sarah Justice

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