As you read this, chances are pretty good that somewhere along your entrepreneurial journey you’ve been overwhelmed, exhausted, or frustrated. Most likely – all three! And you’ve probably winged it for much of that time, crossing your fingers that you’re making the right decisions to grow your business into a successful brand.

My name is Sarah Justice, the creative mind behind KindaWonderful, and I help businesses share their passion with the world by building brands that are impactful, profitable, and engaging. I work with energetically-committed people and brands that are positively changing the world with what they know and create.

I have been a graphic designer and art director since 1999, supporting small businesses through consultation and design. The one thing that has always been clear to me is that many people struggle with their branding. They often don’t know the purpose of developing a brand and how branding is used to make business tasks and decisions easier.

It was in 2018 that I decided that something needed to happen. I have always been passionate about my belief that small businesses make up the backbone of America’s economy. Without them, our markets would become pretty dull, lacking inspiration, diversity, and overall creativity. It bothered me that many businesses could fail before really getting out there and reaching their full potentials. It was because of this that I launched my brand coaching services and created my PracticalBrand Program.

My consulting and design services create opportunities to get things right the first time or reinvent what’s not working. Combined, they can build a brand with a strong foundation at its core and a beautiful vision to share with the world.

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