Create brand-aligned content that delivers results


How would it make you feel if you had a clear social media plan, knowing exactly what to post and when? If you knew your content marketing was driving traffic & sales?


The Notion Content Planner is the one place to define your goals, plan your content strategy in support of those goals, calendar your content, and measure what is working.



The Notion Content Planner is the perfect tool to plan an effective content marketing strategy that supports your business goals. It contains:

Monthly Goals
Your content should be rooted in your brand strategy and support your business goals. Never make it an afterthought. Establish your monthly goals and shape your content with a purpose.

Content Strategy
After you’ve planned your goals, lay out your content by deciding what will be macro content, long-lasting or evergreen content like a blog, podcast, live, or video, and how you’ll repurpose that into micro-content (social media.)

Content Checklists
It is easy to miss elements when optimizing your content (SEO). The Notion planner has eight content checklists for you to make sure your content delivers and supports your goals.

Monthly Content Calendar
Schedule all your promotions (paid campaigns, active funnels, and sales goals) along with content campaigns in the monthly content calendar.

Weekly Content Calendar
Create your weekly content and marketing calendar from your monthly calendar. Your content is scheduled based on the marketing channel, social platform, and content status (outline, draft, publish, edit). If you’re running short on content, the planner has suggestions for every day, including: be the expert, inspiration, ask a question, self-promo, timely topic, favorite thing, gratitude, personal, and share the love.

Monthly Statistics
Each month measure the performance of your content to track where you are you receiving your traffic and sales. The planner included all social media, web, and email marketing statistics.

Monthly Review
It’s important to highlight your accomplishments. The planner includes thought-starter questions as well as plenty of space to reflect and map out more content for the upcoming month.


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