Sometimes no matter your best intentions, things don’t turn out as planned. It happens in all areas of life, reality falls short of expectations, and there is a disappointment. The same can happen to your brand, but it results in more than just a letdown; you can lose out on customers.

To make sure you receive your intended results, you must be intentional with your branding.

In every marketing application, your brand strategy is the key to how your customers perceive you.

These perceptions or opinions are created by their interaction with your brand whenever or wherever they encounter it. These interactions are called touchpoints.

Touchpoints include (but are far from limited to) your online and physical locations, products and services, customer service operations, logo, advertising, and more.

All touchpoints must create a positive experience and maintain a consistent message. Well-thought-out touchpoints align with your brand’s pillars, or soul, and help build a compelling brand. They generate new business, help keep the customers you have, and give you an edge over the competition.

How are you showing up to your customers?
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