There are plenty of Covid-19 reopening articles out there that discuss all the proper protocols and rules. I want to focus on the fact that reopening is AWESOME and is a cause for celebration.

No, I’m not all sunshine and butterflies. I know the reality. It is going to be hard. Customers of brick and mortar businesses are going to be wary about being in enclosed spaces, regardless of deployed health and safety protocols. Digital businesses will face their fair share of problems even though they remained fully operational, finding it difficult to increase sales with so many people facing lost or limited income.

Businesses will need to be flexible and compassionate to their customer’s new and evolving needs if they want to thrive and survive. But that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate reopening.

Things you should do when your business opens its doors again:

Alert your customers that you’re back!

While it is likely most businesses will have the same hours as they did before Covid-19, others may not, so it is a good idea to keep your customers in the loop.

Keep it fun and light-hearted:

  • Send out an email alerting your list.
  • Do lives on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Create custom graphics for social media.
  • Update your Google business page and website.
  • Put up balloons or markers of some sort outside your business.


If you haven’t been keeping up with your content marketing, it’s time to play catch-up.

Many businesses took advantage of the “pause” working to improve themselves. Share any updates about what has happened since you closed your doors. (Pssssst!!! if you need an intro to content marketing take a look at the course I created during my own “Covid Pause”)

Some examples could include:

  • Any new services or products added.
  • New rearrangement of the premises.
  • Spring Cleaning (this is especially good if accomodating new safety protocols)


Give customers a reason to visit.

You need to be sensitive. Some customers will be eager to get back out into the market, but others will be wary of being around others. 

Make sure you make both types feel welcomed and included (virtual if needed), but don’t reopen quietly; it is a celebration, remember!

 Make some noise:

  • Offer promotions on services and products.
  • Offer limited-time offers or one-day sales.
  • Host in-store training or demos (with proper social distancing)
  • Host a reopening event with giveaways.


I know most of these tips sound like they are focused on brick and mortar businesses, but they’re not. To all my digital business peeps, you can do the same things! (except balloons 🤣) Maybe you’re reopening with a new attitude. Perhaps you added new services too! Tell the world!


Moving forward, while you build your businesses and marketing to reflect our nation’s “new normal,” remember to be joyful and be kind. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference.