Twelve Brand Archetypes

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This guide’s twelve archetypes are the foundation Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s work and afterward Margaret Mark and Carol Pearson.

As human beings, we make choices every day that are embedded in subliminal insight and viewpoints, and by doing this, we engage and regress to our primary archetype. Brands that clinch human traits are superior at involving their audience on an affecting level. Understanding the character and story of your brand is destined to continue existing in this world.

A brand archetype is an embodiment of your brand. It makes use of conventional character types from original storytelling to characterize your brand’s persona and quality. Albeit there are varieties of archetypes, we utilize the twelve principal types that represent primary human stimuli. Every archetype has its own set of principles, significance, and qualities, from which images and premises begin to materialize.

Each of these archetypes falls into one of four industrial styles: The Leader, The Mentor, The Facilitator, and The Connector. Applying this in your commerce and promotion means you could reduce the effort and discover a way to unite with your audience at the subliminal level, to help them experience the way they prefer to feel and be who they wish to be.

Keep in mind, as you read this guide, that the right or best archetype exists. Don’t stress over labels; every one of them is compelling and embodies an exclusive set of uniqueness, strengths, and techniques.

All of us lean toward one chief archetype and often draws upon a secondary one to assemble the texture of a brand.


Subtypes include: Innovator, Inventor, Designer, Creator, Craftsman

“Imagine the possibilities.”

This brand helps individuals ingeniously undertake things. The products of this brand are creative and novel. The brand uses the power of imagination to create their products and advertisements.

Core Desire: To build things of enduring significance.

Gifts: You are a pioneer, trendsetter, and visionary. With never-ending imagination and a powerful instinct, you allow creativity to run free in everything you do. Enthusiasm shoots through your veins and stimulates your soul.

Challenges: Diligence, procrastination, trepidation to be judged, smoldering out.

Connect to your Artist audience by: Permitting them to be self-expressive and forming their own ideas. Design resolutions to problems before they inquire. Add worth to what is and redefine the common. By increasing emotions, the proper bond occurs naturally.

Brand Words: Vision, shift, believe, create, change, beauty, innovation, new, original, unique, unmistakable, dream, lives, build, design.

Voice: Descriptive, Visual, Symbolic

Brands: Adobe, Crayola, Lego, Canon, HGTV

People: Martha Stewart, Tim Burton, Lena Dunham, Leonardo Da Vinci


Liberty: Offers that provide you and your customers flexibility and alternatives.

New Experiences: Supply offerings in ingenious ways, resist conventionality.

Groups: You are a magnet for kinfolk. Create DIY and virtual workshops.

Business Support: Decision management, stability and administration.

Price point: Low, Mid and High.


Subtypes include: Nurturer, Mother, Altruist, Helper

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

This brand is compassionate and charitable to their customers and society in general. The products of this brand help people in daily activities. The brand is not in favor of greed and egotism. It also contributes to a harmonious society where everyone is helpful to one another.

Core Desire: To look after and be concerned for others.

Gifts: Sympathy is your foundation. You shield others from harm, and your positive, cultivating nature creates ripple effects. You see the beauty in others; you support and uplift them. People feel protected and loved beside you.

Challenges: You may offer so much to others ahead of yourself and might be an enabler.

Connect to your Caregiver audience by: Helping them to reconnect with themselves and gain more control. Illustrate love, kindness, and consideration. Return solidity and decrease overpowering.

Brand words: Sincerity, empathy, connection, compassion, care, warmth, wisdom, protection, sharing, nurture, teach, mentor, altruistic.

Voice: Considerate, Thoughtful, Kind, Encouraging

Brands: Campbell’s, Johnson & Johnson, Gerber, Allstate, Kleenex, TOMS Shoes

People: Mother Theresa, June Cleaver, Paula Dean, Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela


In-person: Individual and alreger audiences via events, workshops, and dialogues.

Leverage: Group instructions with live calls and video.

Community: Virtual communities with your engagement, free content.

Business Support: Get help saying no, setting limits.

Price Point: Low and Mid


Subtypes include: Boss, Leader, Power Broker, King or Queen, Chief

“Control is power.”

This brand displays leadership and accepts its responsibility. Products of this brand provide control and organization. Because of these properties, the brand is not only thriving but also the leader in its specialty.

Core Desire: To show the way.

Gifts: You guide people with poise and authority. Failure is a springboard to prominence, and you live with purpose creating many accomplishments. You encourage opulence and steer others to fame.

Challenges: You may be overbearing, intolerant, and calculating.

Connect to your Ruler audience by: Helping them rise above the multitudes, enhance their self-image, assist them in becoming influential and triumphant, infusing extravagance, and creating abundance and rank.

Brand words: Greatness, prosperity, wealth, community, wealth, mastery, success, luxury, divine, respect, influence, confidence.

Voice: Refined, Articulate, Authoritative

Brands: Rolex, Louis Vuitton, American Express, Rolls Royce

People: Donald Trump, Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Cesar Milan, Jay-Z


High End: Deluxe and VIP offerings.

Intimate: Live events, getaways, tutorials for groups of 10-50 individuals.

Academy: Pilot the market by establishing certifications.

Business Support: Get assistance with administration and managing the workload.

Price point: High.


Subtypes include: Entertainer, Jokester, Goofball, Provocateur, Performer

“Have fun.”

This brand delights people in an amusing and clownish way. As children enjoy a playground, this brand’s products guarantee that people take pleasure in the world. By using humor, this brand places everything in perspective. Only the entertaining and cheerful side is observable.

Core Desire: Live in the moment with joy.

Gifts: You are fun-loving, lively, and a free spirit. Smart, clever, and excellent at creative thinking. You inject joy and enthusiasm in every situation. You are at ease to connect with others, and so initiating changes and making an impact is effortless.

Challenges: You are spellbound with sparkly new things. Remaining on track may be difficult.

Connect to your Jester audience by: Entertaining and help them break away from the ordinary. Make dry topics amusing, innovative in the delivery. Help them sense gayety, be rebellious and fun. Build a community and make connections.

Brand words: Fun, enjoy, create, happy, play, entertain, colorful, pleasure, create, shift, laugh, light.

Voice: Funny, Witty, Enthusiastic, Self-deprecating

Brands: Ben & Jerry’s, GEICO, Taco Bell, Skittles, Johnny Cupcakes, Southwest.

People: Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Charlie Chaplin, Ellen DeGeneres


Community: Group skills, large online programs, plus one-on-one.

Collaborations: Affiliates and JV’s to balance and cultivate.

Flexibility: Passive revenue via online programs.

Business Support: Get assistance in remaining on the structured course.

Price point: lower price, higher volume.


Subtypes include: Citizen, Boy/Girl Next Door, Egalitarian, Regular Joe, Best Friend

“All for one and one for all.”

This brand is available to everyone because it epitomizes the average man or woman. Products of this pleasant brand are not distinct or remarkable. ‘If you act normal, you act crazy enough,’ could be the slogan of this brand. The brand is practical, smart, and accessible.

Core Desire: Unite with others.

Gifts: Simply be who you are, authentic in everything you do. You are friendly and open-minded, generous, compassionate, modest, and sincere. You build communities, magnetize followers with ease, and bring out the finest in others.

Challenges: Doesn’t like being alone; may be cost-conscious.

Connect to your Everyman audience by: Provide candid value, straightforward promotion, and cooperation with integrity. Treat them like a friend and help to make their life and business trouble-free.

Brand words: True, genuine, authenticity, honesty, connection, community, giving, sharing, teaching, helping.

Voice: Friendly, Humble, Empathetic, Inclusive

Brands: Target, Gap, Habitat For Humanity, Covergirl, IKEA, Trader Joe’s

People: Jimmy Carter, John F. Kennedy, Katie Couric, Drew Barrymore, Rachael Ray, Oliver Twist


Volume: With organic appeal to a broader audience, form groups, and scale.

Connection and Community: Create community offerings, online and in-person.

Collaboration: JV’s programs and offerings.

Business Support: Get assistance with advertising and stepping into the limelight.

Price Point: Low to Mid.


Subtypes include: Romantic, Hedonist, Sensualist, Pleasure-Seeker

“Follow your bliss.”

This brand has a tender relationship with its environment. Products of this brand are passionate and seductive. The products tempt customers in every conceivable way. This brand is all about splendor, enticement, and contact with the environment.

Core Desire: Intimacy.

Gifts: A devotee of love. A campaigner of enthusiasm with a deep admiration for others, for magnificence and for art. With your work, you help to construct a better world, elating those around you, and creating connections in communities.

You may forfeit your own needs and lose your individuality.
Connect to your Lover audience by: Investing in the relationship. Take the time to bond. Create things to make them feel good, build allure, create aspiration, appeal to passion, and develop a deep sense of belonging.

Brand words: Connection, intimacy, desire, pleasure, love, beauty, core, protect, joy, abundance, divine.

Voice: Affectionate, Sensory, Beautiful, Emotional

Brands: Victoria’s Secret, BMW, Godiva, Versace, Food Network, Haagen-Dazs

People: Madonna, Jane Austen, Adam Levine, Sofia Vergara, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor


Personalized: Mature from a one on one foundation and fortify relationships.

Collaborations: Build and grow organically through JV’s, partnerships.

Community: Assemble a group online or face to face. Share the content liberally.

Long term: Clients will remain faithful. Create a referral program.

Business Support: Get assistance prioritizing and not getting overloaded.
Price point: Mid and frequently high.


Subtypes include: Protector, Defender, Dragon Slayer, Champion, Warrior

“When there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Offering customers courage, influence, and confidence, this brand makes people proficient and dominant. The brand is motivated, alert, and powerful. It is also confrontational and does not circumvent objections. The brand uses its influence to improve the world.

Core Desire: Prove your worth through courage.

Gifts: You act with vigor, gallantry, and buoyancy. You are proficient at attaining results no matter how intricate. A defender of the underdog; leadership is your innate ability, and you make every effort to help others be their best.

Challenges: You can be fanatical and need to be successful.

Connect with your Hero audience by: Helping them achieve. Demonstrate steady confidence in their capacity to accomplish something. Move swiftly, get outcomes that matter, and strengthens their self-belief.

Brand words: Conquer, mastery, achieve, tough, tenacious, lead, energy, bold, win, courage.

Voice: Motivational, Confident, Empowering

Brands: Nike, U.S. Army, Greenpeace, Method

People: Robert Irvine, Michael Jordan, Batman, Luke Skywalker, Wonder Woman


Calculable Results: Programs that produce major advances and changes.

Scale: Attain a large audience; speak from a stage to various programs.

Fast-paced: Intensives, instigators, and workshops with fast results.

Business Support: Help with building a community and managing associations.

Price Point: Mid to high.


Subtypes include: Maverick, Game-changer, Rebel, Challenger, Revolutionary, Misfit

“Rules are meant to be broken.”

This defiant brand is not led by the typical social conventions and changes existing situations. The products of this brand serve as an interruption of everyday repetitions. The brand is insubordinate and does not believe it is essential to belong to or get an endorsement from others.

Core Desire: Freedom from the establishment.

Gifts: A genuine radical who pushes limits and dares to disrupt. You pilot transformation and generate opportunities. Filled with entrepreneurial zeal and bold in self-expression. You radiate energy and pull others toward you.

Challenges: You can be precarious, arrogant, and divisive.

Connect to your Rebel audience by: Shaking things up and releasing the antidote to commonality. Be daring, impactful, and untamed. Help them believe they can defy the status quo, take chances, and convey distinctiveness.

Brand words: Rebellious, courageous, brave, different, eccentric, passion, agent, visionary, daring, renegade, misfit, entrepreneur.

Voice: Bold, Candid, Raw, Honest

Brands: Harley Davidson, Virgin, Rimmel, Diesel, Urban Outfitters

People: James Dean, Pink, Bob Marley, Che Guevara, Sid Vicious


Quick fix: Short-term activities as renegades are ready to move on.

Scale: Focus on large tribes speaking, writing, and creating.

Fast pace: Permit flexibility to develop and adjust rapidly.

Business Support: Help with managing risk and maintaining boundaries.

Price point: Mid.

Subtypes include: Visionary, Transformer, Wizard, Engineer, Catalyst

“Make dreams come true.”

This brand helps people to transform their lives. The brand plays a role in the realization of dreams by converting undesired circumstances to the ultimate enchanting objective. To reach this aspiration, the brand often uses rituals, which makes them mysterious.

Core Desire: Transformation.

Gifts: A true entrepreneurial spirit, you innovate by blending science and spirit. You are energetic and creative with natural charm and inherent perception. A desire to think out of the box and a pioneering way of thinking means creating transformation is effortless.

Challenges: Focusing too much inwards sometimes, the potential to be reserved.

Connect to your Magician audience by: Promising transformation, cultivate and expand their talents, build magical brand experiences, illustrate what is possible in life and business.

Brand words: Transform, change, renew, forge, effect, connect, reveal, innovate, passion, manifest, connect, curiosity, imagination.

Voice: Expansive, Moving, Articulate, Story-Rich

Brands: Disney, TED, Axe, Rock Band, Make-A-Wish, Mastercard

People: Steve Jobs, Steven Spielberg, Tony Robbins, Martin Luther King


One on One: Profound and transformative, long length activities.

Collective conscious: Retreats, workshops, groups. Absent from the standard.

Business Support: Get help to stop procrastination and ensure follow-through.

Price Point: Higher than average.


Subtypes include: Child, Optimist, Muse, Traditionalist, Saint, Angel

“Life is good.”

This brand gives people a cheerful and affirmative approach to life. The products of this innocent and benevolent brand provide optimism and joy. The brand is genuine, trustful, and wants to do good for everybody. The brand is based on the good in people and prizes that.

Core Desire: Attain an uncomplicated and wholesome life.

Gifts: You live with incredible hopefulness. Whatever you produce is done with simplicity, honor, and dependability. You take pleasure in conveying harmony and mindful living. You are open to new experiences and inspired to make a true impact.

Challenges: Possibly as an Idealist. And a little naïve sometimes.

Connect with your Innocent audience by: Inspiring and being authentic. Teach them how to realize their dreams and show them how things could be blissful and straightforward.

Brand words: Mindful, conscious, peace, trust, soul, happy, love, paradise, believe, open, heart, pure, authentic, honest, believe, strive, spirit, alive, joy.

Voice: Simple, Concise, Cheerful, Optimistic

Brands: Snuggle, Coca-Cola, The Honest Company, Charmin, Ivory Soap, McDonald’s

People: Dolly Parton, Mary Poppins, Anne Frank, Shirley Temple, Forrest Gump


Simple offerings: 1 or 2 stripped back stress free packages.

One to One: Develop from an intimate level.

Advantage: Author a book, build online programs, add a VIP component.

Business Support: Get help with the veracities of commerce.

Price Point: Low to mid.


Subtypes include: Pioneer, Adventurer, Seeker, Iconoclast, Individualist

“Live adventurously.”

Core Desire: Find out who you are & nourish your soul

Gifts: You are a trailblazer in the quest for independence and creating a better world. Full to the top with purpose and bravery, you are on a journey to appreciate yourself and the world. Ferociously independent, you have an appetite for knowledge, deciphering, and significance.

Challenges: You can be agitated, purposeless, and struggle with regulations and limits.

Connect with your Explorer audience by: Creating new experiences and etching new paths. Illustrate that free will and transformation is possible. Infuse your communication with accountability, legitimacy, and compassion. Let people into your world and be astonishing.

Brand words: Alive, discover, transform, change, seek, freedom, ambition, challenge, extraordinary, embrace, new, understand, unravel, enlighten.

Voice: Open-minded, Resourceful, Cultured, Freeing

Brands: North Face, Pier One, Jeep, Kashi, Subaru, Starbucks

People: Indiana Jones, Amelia Earhart, Bear Grylls, Richard Branson


Flexible: Packages & programs.

Location independent: e-courses, downloads, digital products.

Escape experiences: Retreats & masterminds.

Business support: With structure and follow-through.

Price Point: Mid to high.

Subtypes include: Philosopher, Teacher, Guru, Expert, Intellectual

“To know is to grow.”

This brand uses aptitude and scrutiny to develop and understand the world. The brand is continuously collecting information to increase their expertise. Customers can gain knowledge from this brand. The brand’s tough self-image is respected because of it.

Core Desire: To discover the truth.

Gifts: You are an exceptional instructor, master, collaborator, and mentor. You supply wisdom and are naturally curious and talented. A truth seeker at heart, your lucid opinion brings transparency to many.

Challenges: You may detach yourself and might become critical or egotistical.

Connect with your Sage audience by: Crafting a position of authority. Highlight your proficiency by data and proof. Share these facts generously and guide people to a new place of enlightenment.

Brand words: Understanding, knowing, mentor, share, grow, enlightened, aware, smart, sharp, share, lead, intelligence, wisdom, source, commitment, clarity, discipline, educate, teach, build, grow.

Voice: Dignified, Wise, Curious, Intelligent

Brands: CNN, Discovery Channel, Charles Schwab, The Wall Street Journal, Mayo Clinic, Barnes & Noble

People: Oprah Winfrey, Ghandi, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Dumbledore, Deepak Chopra


Deep relationships: Extended programs, 6-12 month engagements.

Wrap up your knowledge: Info products, books, online workshops.

Leverage collective wisdom: Produce certifications and group programs.

Business Support: Get help in building business and promotions.

Price Point: Mid to high.