Sometimes you need to create your own planner.

I mentioned this planner in my previous article when I explained brand strategy, brand branding, and content marketing. As a recap brand strategy creates your brand, which is your business’s heart and soul. That heart and soul isn’t of much use if it cannot reach your audience. That is where branding comes in.

Branding is the body that houses your brand and allows it to go out into the world. It is your touchpoints, things like your logo, persona, and visual elements. It’s anything and everything that your audience bumps up against and interacts with both in the physical world and online.

Your brand resides in its body of branding and acts just like a real human being—active and busy. That activity turns into content marketing. Content marketing is the action arm of your brand. It allows you to interact with your audience creating relationships and providing value.

Ok, so now you know why a brand strategist is talking about content marketing, but why did I make a planner?

Simple. I tried many different planners but none of them had all of the elements I needed. Some were closer than others, but still not quite there.

I wanted one that would contain Macro and Micro content as well as Impromptu keys for the days I ran short on content. With everything being digital nowadays, I wanted a printable planner to help ground my efforts. I wanted to see a full monthly calendar and weekly breakdowns. And finally, I wanted one place to put all my analytics.

That’s why I created the Notion Content Planner.

Thank you so much for reading! (And listening to my ‘Ums’ on the video 😂)

It is now available for purchase!
Download My Planner!