Recently I found out that the Twelve Days of Christmas actually starts on December 25 and runs through to January 5th. With the new year fast approaching I felt it was the perfect time to talk about success and ways to achieve it! These steps need to be more than just a New Year’s resolution. For success to happen, you must be consistent with your actions and planning throughout the whole year.
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Twelve Steps for Achieving Success:

Have a Desire

What is that special thing that you totally desire? That particular thing which makes you excited, keeps you up at night, and makes you experience butterflies? Ditch logic and listen to your heart. Allow yourself to desire whatever you want.


You must believe it is possible to achieve your goal. If you begin by doubting your possibilities, one thing will happen for sure – you will fail. It’s known as a self-fulfilling prophecy: what you expect eventually manifests itself into your reality.

Write It Down

Imagine what it is you want to achieve and where you want to end up,and then write it down. Psychologists have proven that people become more committed to what they write down versus what they say. So write down your goals. Be specific, who and what will it involve, and how long it will take.

Be Realistic

You know your current capabilities. If you set unrealistic goals, you’ll find yourself disappointed that will discourage you from reaching your goals. Look towards the future, and plan realistically – identify the obstacles and determine any additional knowledge or skills you might need. What can you accomplish in a specific time frame?

Stop Procrastinating

It is said that there is no time like the present, and that remains true no matter your goals. Quit saying, “I’ll start tomorrow” and commit to something small today. Begin with a list of goals and all the steps you will need to accomplish each for each goal. Think about how you will tackle each item on your list then assign deadlines to each of them.

Make A Plan

Having a plan for accomplishing your goal is vital to your success. Without one, how will you know what to work on? Time and energy are limited resources, and you must make sure you put them to the correct use. Create a plan. It will be your roadmap. Keep it flexible. Observe the environment and its changes. You may need to adjust your plan more than once, so be open to it.

Talk About It

Ask people close to you for their guidance and support – family and friends that you trust. Spend time eliminating limiting beliefs. Unless you believe yourself, no one can convince you that you’re good enough or capable of achieving your goals.

Get A Mentor

You will need help from somebody more than once. Identify relevant individuals for success. Who can educate you on what you need to know? Who can help you stay focused and motivated? Find a mentor you could bounce ideas off or a business coach that could offer you beneficial information and advice that they’ve gathered through their own experience.


Visualization is a fantastic tool to help you get where you want to get. Develop a routine of visualizing what you want. Here’s how it works. The world around you is a reflection of your own thoughts, beliefs, and imagination. If you wish to change your world, you need first to change your internal thinking. In a nearly magical way, you will see how the world shifts to fit what you believe.

Be Brave

The key to reaching your goal is persistence. Regardless of how much talent you have, if you don’t persist, you might just give up right before your big breakthrough. Don’t let any failures discourage you. You already know that obstacles will happen. Whenever they do – work on them and continue forward. As soon as you decide you want to achieve a goal, make a decision never ever to give up.

Review Your Progress

It’s good to consider your progress and observe how far you’ve come, and how far you still have to go. Acknowledge your strides forwards and identify areas that need attention. Take notes about your experience along the way and how you envision the future and compare it to your original planning.

Reward Yourself

For each goal, you achieve, reward yourself. Your brain needs positive affirmation, and you need to feel like the hard work you’ve put in is worth it. For some people, that might mean going out to a really great restaurant or buying something special. Whatever it is, treat yourself – and use that as a motivator to achieve your goals.


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